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Future Model


India | Agent: @DIVACITY

I am a medical student. Since I was a in school I want to make my future in fashion industry but being from a middle class family I was thrown in science stream, as for Indian parents everything is only government job. ???? I m a people person . I really like to meet and work with a lot of different people. I was also interested in sports and I have learned karate but left die to some personal issues. I m also Interested in recreating some dress and like designing interior rooms. I am great working for other people socially. As I always participate in social works through my college and I am always ready to help people whenever I got opportunity. I am sometimes impatience with other who works more slowly than me. Im also oversensitive but dont share with anyone. When my studies are completed I want to set up my own factory of medicine because in markets there are alot of duplicate medicine which any one easily cant differentiate. People are taking it and doesnt work and cause other many side effects and other problems. In future, I will be working for the poor people as now I am participating in many social works. I believe I will be a valuable member of your team. I am a fast learner and a good team member. I can also work overtime if needed and can assure you that I can be an asset to your prestigious company. I just request you to give me the opportunity to show you.
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Height (cm): 160 | Measures: 8265882 | Shoe: sneakers | Pants: Cargopants | Shirt: Cropshirts | Bras: 32A | Eye color: Black | Skin color: Brunette | Hair color: Black | Hair type: Curly | Tattoos: No



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